Frequently Asked Questions

  • Methods of Payment:
    We accept MasterCard, Visa, Discover, American Express, and PayPal.
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    • Bracelet and Necklace Sizing:
      Deciding on where you want your necklace to fall is a personal choice. The best way to figure what that length might be is to simply measure a piece of string or thread. Most of our bracelets are available in 7” or 8,” and our necklaces are available in 16”-18”-20”-24” and 30.” Occasionally we will have 15”-22” and 36.” Depending on height and build, 16” and 18” chains will hug the neckline of most women, as well as fit the bill for dangling lighter weight charms. 20” is a good length for the neck of most men, as well as women who want to wear something longer. 24” chain lengths work well for those wanting to wear a longer chain, still, usually over a blouse, sweater, or dress. 24” is also good for larger men or those wanting to wear something less clingy to the neck. And 30” is a great length for those wanting to make a statement. Chain lengths over 20” are most ideal for heavier pendants.

  • How to Clean Sterling Silver Jewelry:
    Tarnishing, or oxidization, is a natural occurrence when sterling silver is exposed to moisture in the air. Use a soft polishing cloth made for sterling silver jewelry to keep your pieces looking new. Do not use home remedies such as toothpaste or detergents as they can be quite abrasive and scratch fine jewelry. Also, try not to use liquid cleansers as they can make a piece bright temporarily, but also cause it to oxidize again quickly. Specialty products such as sterling silver anti-tarnish tags, bags, and wands can also be of help. And to keep your sterling silver looking fresh, always store jewelry pieces in individual plastic zip bags.