Drop Shipping

Drop-shippee’s Rock! Let us know how we can help you get started selling our vast array of sterling silver, gold-filled, and stainless steel jewelry. Save time and money by using Plum Island Silver as your drop-shipping company. We stock, pull, and ship for you!

**Please note: The selling of our products on Amazon.com, Walmart.com is strictly forbidden, as we sell direct to these marketplaces**

Details of our pretty-darn successful Drop-Shipping Program:

  • Drop-Shipping Program is open for shipments within the U.S. only. International drop-shipping is not available.
  • $30.00 licensing and set-up fee includes initial image 6-month subscription, including download links for images. Click here to order. Details of our licensing agreement can be found here.
  • Images provided are on white or colored background.
  • Data feed files with descriptions and stock status are updated daily.
  • Data feed file format.
  • Date feed file includes extended item descriptions (available on most items) and basic item category structure.
  • We charge a flat $2.00 per package drop-ship fee, plus applicable shipping charges. And we have low cost, First Class U.S. Mail shipping --starting at $2.95 per package (click here for shipping rates).
  • We are “blind” Drop-Shippers; that is, we use only your company name as a return shipper. Plum Island Silver is not mentioned anywhere in your orders when we ship via U.S. Mail. For shipping via UPS, see details below.
  • Enhanced drop shipping services are available including custom packing slips and item inspection services.
  • Drop-Shipping is for on-line orders only; no phone, fax, or email orders.
  • View our Drop-Shipping Terms & Conditions.

Some nitty-gritty details:

All drop-shipped jewelry orders will ship direct to your customer's address, with a packing list, and shipping label with your return address. A drop ship service fee of $2.00 per order will be applied to your invoice, which will be emailed to you. Additionally, the packing list will only have your return address and return instructions printed on it.

PLEASE make sure your return address is correct and email us that information. This address will appear on both the packing slip and the shipping label.

Packages shipped via US Mail will have YOUR return address on the shipping label. However, packages shipped via UPS will have OUR return address on the shipping label unless you have your own UPS account and register that with us (fax copy of your UPS statement to 978-499-8208).

You may still order and ship items to yourself. The drop ship package fee will be waived if the shipping address used is on file with us as one of your own addresses.