Not every charm can find a neat and tidy category. Hence, we have our miscellaneous sterling silver charms---charms and pendants that simply defy classification. Palm tree charms, cowboy hats, puzzle pieces, pizza slices, and crutch charms. Check out the variety store in store for you.

309 products found in Miscellaneous

Sterling Silver Three Dimensional Acorn Charm
  • $34.68
Sterling Silver Antiqued Sunflower Charm
  • $27.00
Sterling Silver Three Dimensional Teapot Charm That Opens
  • $21.24
Sterling Silver Birthstone Ring Charm with April Clear Cubic Zirconia
  • $17.64
Sterling Silver Small High School Ring Charm with Blue Crystal
  • $26.52
Sterling Silver Antiqued Kokopelli Charm
  • $20.52
Sterling Silver Antiqued Arrowhead Pendant
  • $22.68
Sterling Silver Three Dimensional Scissors Charm
  • $14.76
Sterling Silver Side View Indian Chief Charm
  • $25.98