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We donate a portion of our silver jewelry profits to homeless and abused animals. We Donate a Portion of Profits to Homeless and Abused Animals

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Wholesale Silver Jewelry Discount Schedule

To see an example of silver jewelry order pricing click here. Note there is no minimum order required.
Thanks for considering a silver purchase from Plum Island Silver Company. We want to help you maximize your potential discount with us. Remember that your discount for future orders is locked at your highest discount achieved on your largest order. So once you reach a certain discount you will receive that discount even of you buy a single item on a future order.

Your initial discount is determined from the size of your order using the Single Order Discount Schedule. Your discount is locked at this level until your account qualifies for a larger discount. After your initial order, your discount can increase by either placing a single order qualifying for a larger discount or increase your discount over time using the Total Net Sales Discount Schedule.



Place a single large order and receive discounts as follows (all future orders will receive at least this discount or higher if a larger order is placed).
Base Order Amount* Discount
$0+ 0%
$75+ 10%
$150+ 20%
$250+ 25%
$500+ 30%**
$1000+ 35%
$2000+ 40%***
$4000+ 45%****
$8000+ 50%*****
Example: Purchase a base wholesale order of $500 and your discount is 30%, so your final total is $350.

* Discounts are determined using the total base wholesale price of your order.
** 30% discount can be activated by sending us a copy of your re-sale certificate or by paying a one-time $100 fee. You must wait for confirmation of your discount before placing an order.
*** 40% discount can be activated with a $1000 deposit on account to be used for future orders
**** 45% discount can be activated with a $2000 deposit on account to be used for future orders
***** 50% discount can be activated with a $4000 deposit on account to be used for future orders



Your discount can increase based on your 2-year cumulative net sales volume**** according to the following schedule:

Net Total Sales**** Discount
$0+ 0%
$200+ 10%
$400+ 20%
$800+ 25%
$1500+ 30%
$3000+ 35%
$6000+ 40%
$10000+ 45%
$15000+ 50%
**** These discounts are determined using your total net sales over a 2 calendar-year rolling period. A new order which would increase your total net sales into a higher discount level will qualify the new order for the higher discount as well. NOTE THIS DISCOUNT SCHEDULE DOES NOT USE THE BASE WHOLESALE PRICES BUT THE NET SALES AFTER DISCOUNTS ON YOUR ACCOUNT.

We also offer two other ways to acheive a higher starting discount:

a. A one-time fee of $100 will set your discount at 30% for all orders. In effect you will earn the $100 fee back after approximately $330 worth of orders.
b. A deposit on account of $4000 will set your discount at 50% for all orders. This deposit is then appplied to future orders until it is exhausted. The deposit is good only for merchandise credit.

All discounts are computed using your total base wholesale order size of in-stock and shipped merchandise. Please order about 10% more silver merchandise to ensure that you will reach your desired discount.

The web-site shows the base wholesale silver prices. Note there are no minimum jewelry quantity requirements on individual items. Sale, closeout and special discounted items will be included in your base order total but will not be eligible for further discounts.

Please note the printed paper wholesale silver jewelry catalog shows 2X keystone retail pricing. For example a printed paper catalog retail price of $25.00 is equal to a $12.50 base wholesale price (which would be the price shown on-line).

Pricing and discounts subject to change without notice. Cumulative Net Sales Silver Jewelry Discount. Errors and omissions subject to correction without notice.
Copyright 2010, Plum Island Silver Company, Inc.